A Short Introduction

My name is Manfred and I'm a Colognian of the 4th generation (as we say here 'an old Colognian aristocrat') and, of course I grew up in this town. I'm living now since 60 years in the wonderful, 2000 years old city of Cologne and I can say I know it like the back of my hand. 

I'm married to the best wife in the world.  Between the two of us we have three children and 6 precious grandchildren. 

In my childhood I spent a lot of quality time with my Opa. He told me many stories, anecdotes, tales and legends of this great city. He initiated my interest for the history of Cologne and I studied more about this topic all my life. I would like to share this knowledge with you.

My focus are guided tours for small groups,individual and exclusive, at your pace, for your interest, nice, friendly while entertaining and informative.

Of course I offer also tours for school classes.