Cologne -The Short Tour

If you are the first time in Cologne and want just see the major sites of this great city. You don't want to hear much about history and the backgrounds. This tour will be right for you. We will do an one hour walk through the inner city and you will see all the important places. Of course I will give some tips for lunch or diner and night life. Please book here or give me a call.

Cologne - At  A Glance 

For all visitors that are the first time in Cologne or never took the time to explore this great city. We will take walk through the oldest part of the town and I will tell you about stories and history of 2000 years Cologne. We will vist the Romans, a very old church, the city hall, the 'Old Town' and take, of course, a look at the great gothic Cathedral.  And we will talk about our very tasty Kölsch beer. 90 minutes of history with fun. Very typical for the city, very typical for Cologne. Please book here  or give me a call.

The Brewery Tour

We will visit some of the traditional pub (Brauhäuser) close to the Cathedral in the Old Town of Cologne. I will tell you a little bit about the history of the beer and the development of the brewer profession. And of course you will listen to some stories and anecdotes from the old days. You will have also the possibility to see some pubs form the inside and sample some of the great Kolsch beer. Please book here or give me a call.

Historical Ghost Stories

Accompany me on a walk through the 2000 year old inner city of Cologne and listen to the stories that our ancestors told each other on long, cold winter nights at their fire places. The stories are diabolic, romantic, demonic ghostly or cursed, but they are always told with the right colonian spirit.  Please book here or give me a call.  

The Old Romans In Cologne

Explore the relics, that the founders of my hometown left. Visit one of the most beautiful Churches of Cologne and learn about its function in ancient times. Take a walk along the roman city wall and hear more about these old times here at the Rhine area.  Please book here or give me a call.  

City Tour For Children

Stories from old Cologne just for children. There are busy goblins, brave mayors, old romans, scary masks from medieval times and the devil. Stories, tales and legends of Cologne for children between 8 and 12 years. Please book here or give me a call.

Monks, Saints and Legends

Come with me on a walk through the medieval 'Holy Cologne'. We will visit 4 of the great and magnificent romanesque churches. The focus of this tour will be not as much the architecture and art, but the plenty of  legends, tales and anecdotes that are connected with this old churches.   Please book here or give me a call.

The Cologne History of Eating and Drinking

The famous lust of life of the people from Cologne would be unthinkable without good eating and drinking. On this tour you will listen to entertaining facts of 2000 years history of good food and drinks. Please book here or give me a call 

The Southside of Cologne

Here meets the old, historical Cologne the modern, multi-cultural city. The quarter got its name from a medieval church, here was the city wall the first and only time raided, here found the people in the 19th century a home and work, here was the modern living area build, here is the home of some of the traditional carneval clubs. Come with me on a walk through the 'real' Cologne. Please book here or give me a call

 Graveyard of Melaten - The last rest of Cologne's Celebreties

The history of 'Melaten' goes far back to the middle ages. Since 1810 (almost) everybody with a name in the city was buried here. Originally, typical and historical are the stories of the people, that found there last rest here. Take a walk with me through tis wonderful area and bird sanctuary. Please book here or give me a call.

The Truth Behind the Legends

Why did 11,000 virgins sacrifice themselves for the city, why denied the maid Griet the proposal of the farmhand Jan, why are the members of some carnival clubs called 'Funken' (sparks) and why have the waiters in the traditional pubs all the ame name? A entertaining tour through the city and the soul of the citizens of Cologne. Please book here or give me a call.

Merchands, Pilgrims and the Deathsman - Cologne in the Middle Ages

Cologne was in the Middle Ages the biggest city of the Holy Roman Empire. It was visited by thousands of pilgrims and merchands from all over Europe. Accompany me on a walk through the city and listen to entertaining stories and historical facts of this great time. Please book here or give me a call.

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